Greetings and welcome to the world of Sin City Soirée. A world that once lived only in the imagination. A world where there are few rules and even fewer inhibitions. A world where all of your senses will be completely immersed and your most erotic imagery will come to life. This is Sin City Soirée.

Who is Sin City Soirée? We are a bevy of bi-coastal beauties who have come together from around the globe for our collective pleasure, and yours, to host the most erotic private gatherings in Las Vegas and beyond. Our Toastmistresses will guide you through an exploration of self-discovery and surreal pleasures once reserved only for royalty.

Continue to the Toastmistress Gallery and encounter who awaits on the other the side of the door.  We assure you, it’s just between us.


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Who will be the Toastmistresses at the next (or specific future) event? Sin City Soirée has gained its own reputation and merits as a collective group and is a high-demand event based on our unique and one-of-a-kind experience. Our selection process and casting of Toastmistresses is carefully considered based on availability, event interest, tenure and, most importantly, team dynamics by event. Each one of our members is highly qualified for her role as part of our team. You will be pleased with the selection regardless of the combination of skilled, talented and beautiful Toastmistresses cast. No two events are ever the same!

We begin with a core list of Toastmistresses that always includes at least one new member to our growing selection. As our confirmed participant list grows, so does our Toastmistress lineup. It is up to you to help us present you with more fun than you’ve ever imagined. Don’t believe it? Read our reviews (TER ID 247491) and come see for yourself. Trust the process and enjoy the encounter as it is guaranteed to be unforgettable. It’s Soirée, it’s spectacular and it’s just between us!

*Final casting based on number of confirmed participants.
*subject to change - shit happens


Join us for a 4-hour limited engagement of the most intense playtime our events have to offer. Participation includes the company of some of the most desired and highly-rated ladies in the industry, all in an upscale suite right in the center of it all, tended top-shelve open bar, hors d’oeuvres PLUS all the elation the mind can conjure. We’ll be featuring some Soirée fan favorites along with a couple brand new Toastmistresses to sweeten our decadent selection.

Where Will We Be Next?

Announcing 2017 Dates & Locations November 30, 2016
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Original Sin


Where were you when it all began? Ladies from coast to coast will be converging on Sin City and we’ll be kicking off the festivities with Sin City Soirée’s Original Sin. In the beginning was an event of such decadence and debauchery as only Las Vegas can host. VEGAS is where it all began. Come experience our genesis in the city of our inception.

Ask about our all-inclusive SPECIAL VIP Event offer to continue the temptation through the weekend. It isn’t over until it’s over...

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Can you picture yourself in the center of the Big Apple living out a fantasy encounter of epic proportion? A little bit Moulin Rouge, a little bit Studio 54 and a whole lot of Gotham City flare...this is SINPROV, Sin City Soirée’s New York version of our infamous Las Vegas party.

Second City Soiree

Second City Soirée


Can you imagine an evening filled with debauchery and decadence? Enter a world reminiscent of the 30s Speakeasy and all the high life thrills of Bugsy and Capone. This evening of salacious escapades is more than the conscience can imagine. This is Second City Soirée – Chicago’s very own version of the now infamous Las Vegas and New York City spectaculars…with its very own twist.


Soiree LA

Soirée LA


Have you ever imaged living the movies? Opening scene... picture yourself in Old Hollywood, the age of glamour and gala. The starlets are primed and the stage is set only this time you’re the leading man. Can I get a sound check, please? Flash forward to now... you open your eyes and realize this is no dream of a time gone by but a roaring thrill ride of titillating debauchery. What is this, you ask? This is Soirée LA, an evolutionary experience now coming to quake Tinsel Town. Are you ready for action? Lights, Camera, Soirée!

Sinners & Saints

Sinners & Saints


Are you a Sinner or Saint? You won’t have to choose when you join Soirée for our dark and decadent night in New Orleans. Once a year the decadent debauchery of the Big Easy calls out and beckons both sides; the Saint, as sweet as a Southern Praline and the Sinner, as insidious as a Scotch Bonnet Pepper. What does your palette crave? Come experience a little of one, or a lot of both. Be it Soirée Sinner or Saint, all are welcome and make for Nawlin’s naughtiness at its duplicitous best.

Soirée Heat

Soirée Heat


Feeling a little blue this winter? Let us warm you up and deliver the heat like only Miami can. Soirée Heat is hot, sizzling and keeping things steamy under the Florida sun.


Soirée Caribé

Soirée Caribé


Thinking about unique places to get a little sandy? Join us as we introduce Puerto Rico to the first ever Soirée Caribé, a unique island-style take on our original frolics in cities across the States. We’re introducing our group fun to the Caribbean as we take our now infamous events international. Whether local or visiting, you’ll leave this vacation from reality recharged, invigorated and ready to relive the memories long after the waves have subsided. Vamos a Soirée Caribé!



Register to Be One of the Lucky Few

How do I become one of the lucky few Sin City Soirée participants? First, you must have an open mind, a passion for life and a deep desire to push your limits of engagement. If the longing is there, the rest is easy.

The Soirée has some very specific screening requirements. You must apply and meet certain criteria to qualify to attend a Soirée event.

Once your qualified application is received for verification, an acceptance email of required terms to finalize placement guarantee will be sent within 72 hours after approval.

Please note that this is a limited placement, private event and pricing is reflected in its exclusivity.

Soirée Privé

You Choose


Do you want to be King for a day? Customize your own private Soirée with a selection of Toastmistresses to your choosing. We’ll cater to your every whim. Soirée Privé is perfect for bachelor parties, divorce parties, promotions, retirements, birthdays, any celebration or just because you can.

Email for more information.

Soirée Collectif

Grand Opening February 1, 2017

Soireé Collectif

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