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Interested in knowing more about the Toastmistresses of Sin City Soirée? Always wondered what goes on at SINPROV? Who exactly is Team SCS? Look for blog entries weekly on Saturdays. In addition to answers to these questions we’ll conduct interviews, discuss past events, future happenings, other fun activities in event cities across the country, and all things Soirée.

Announcing, Le Coeur de Soirée

Le Coeur de Soirée
October 6, 2016

A Soirée Story, La Vie Soirée

La Vie Soiree
September 13, 2016

It had been a long journey on a very twisted highway once we realized there was no turning back. Facing stigma, betrayal and possible collapse we realized this undertaking could not be done alone. As it is with many great tales, right when the protagonists realize their fate, along comes a sign of support to revive their wounded strength and inspire courage. This story is no different…

Prior to Soirée’s inception and despite my reluctance, Vicki and I attended a 3-day conference in Las Vegas. It was September 2013 when I first met the highly regarded Rachel Smithe. We immediately connected and it was then I realized she was a unique, gifted and sincere person. We lost contact over many years but approached her to join as a Toastmistress in 2015. As the first ever TS to be included in any group event, it was evident from the first engagement she was an undeniable presence and an needed addition.

Meeting April Luv was a joy. We first met at the annual Halloween Meet & Greet in Las Vegas and continued to grow our friendship through mutual connections and the creation of Soirée. She has been an instrumental part in my sanity and added strength to mine and Tosh’s relationship as counselor, support and friend. An amazing person with a bright soul who radiates positive energy through every challenge, April is indispensable.

Several months prior to our New York City encore performance, we were approached by Larissa Pearla. She mentioned having followed our progress over the course of a year and was intrigued by our growing presence and reputation. Her solid reputation and strong visibility in the community made her a natural choice as a Toastmistress. Her gentle leadership qualities and enduring bonds continue to lend guidance and strength to our group.

In late 2015, facing personal and professional challenges, Hollie of Miami came into our lives, a determined, fierce and energetic force. After a long battle with negativity, my reluctance to trust and embrace any new friends was understandable. It was through her constant encouragement to get up and keep going that I regained my strength and a renewed vision. The vision I’d had so many years before.

There were many other behind-the-scenes key people instrumental in our success. January Class and Kit of Las Vegas have been supportive and present throughout the entire quest. Plus, many unmentionable friends continue to make this dream a reality. After almost three years in the making, Soirée emerges, renewed and invigorated, ready to face a whole new realm.

It’s a global world and a technological age and we are ready to embrace where this will take us next. Wherever it does and whatever may come, we’ll do it together!

A Soireé Story (Revised), L’Origine

August 19, 2016

One day in December 2013 my friend and colleague Heather D’Angelo, Las Vegas, called and asked “Hey, I noticed on your calendar you were coming to visit in January, would you like to join us in a group event?” She and Las Vegas’ own, Kiwigirl, were asking several friends to join in and include a few lucky participants. My response was “why not?”

As a lover of all things exciting, erotic, and theatrical, I accepted the challenge and jumped in with both feet. Myself and long-time assistant, webmaster and photographer, Tasha Erotics, were in our then-home, New York City when I said “how about we name it Soirée (meaning an evening party or gathering, typically in a private setting)? Sin City Soirée!” I immediately did a domain name search to find it available and we got to work. Heather, Tasha and I spent all Christmas Day 2013 exchanging emails and phone calls setting in motion what would become today’s now infamous (proper noun) Soirée. I introduced the idea to my most favorite duos partner and loyal friend, Vicki 34F. She agreed to attend and participate right along-side. Our first event was underway for AVN Week, January 2014.

Tasha initially set up a one-page website. I wanted something with a very rich and sultry aura. I thought it should feel ancient and forbidden. She selected the dark red bordello color and decided to accent with orange and purple. It looked very old world decadent. The logo had to embody the whole concept of many souls becoming one. She found an image that upon close inspection is a group of intertwined bodies. It was perfect! The original website featured a castle door as the gateway to suggest entering another world beyond protected walls. The archway and castle room imagery in the background implied an explorative journey through a labyrinth of the senses. The vision, concept and details were mine and the execution and design Tasha’s. Anyone that knows both of us can tell you that’s how we usually work; in unison and together as a team, determined and driven to achieve and inspire. Heather and Kiwi had extensive experience in group style events so they were both instrumental in the initial production of that first gathering. I took the helm as designer, organizer and director. April Luv became the 4th in our expanding group of founders. The first Toastmistresses were selected from our personal friendships and recommendations. A total of 9 community pillars were united that evening in fun and frolic. Although a concept not unique in origin, the vision of something special was conceived.

During that first evening, many key components of the experience were inspired by founding members. Kiwi, with her background in education and human connection, suggested our opening ceremonies, the Fantasy Cup. This treasured ice-breaker still welcomes and initiates each guest by creating comfort and sharing personal aspirations. Nikki Irish, approaching me midway through these first festivities, suggested a rotation allowing each participant to interact with each Toastmistress. This became the basis for our now fully realized and highly anticipated “Musical Chairs” game.

After this initial success, Tasha and I said “why stop? Let’s make this thing really go.” We made some adjustments and brought it back to its home of origin in Vegas for March Madness and expanded our lineup. We continued on to New Orleans in April where we hosted our first small yet successfully executed Sinners & Saints. Once word had gotten around, we had a lot of requests for a New York City event. For years I had tossed around the idea of manifesting a similar affair in my base city, the Big Apple. It would be an evening inspired by burlesque meets Studio 54 meets improvisation. What could better describe an event like this than improvisational sin? SINPROV emerged to a wait listed audience! It was our biggest and hottest event to-date and also an evening of trial and error. Many A Soiree Storybehind-the-scenes firsts were encountered and lots of lessons learned during this Off-Broadway premiere. Debriefings and deliberations with Vicki, Heather, Kiwi and April shed light on much needed improvements to structure and execution. Through the remainder of 2014 and 2015, the concept was expanded and fine-tuned; one event to the next, city to city, piece by piece. Tasha and I had made our way by car across country over 10 times carrying boxes, supplies and dreams. Midway through 2015, we introduced our newest concept to market, Soirée Privé. Our well-established exclusive group events were now available to individuals seeking a more customized and private experience. Personal lives and finances came second to building and pursuing this passion. By the end of 2015 we had grown in 5 major cities: Las Vegas, New Orleans, New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago.

We began 2016 with an unprecedented total of 21 fully executed Soirée’s, both group and Privé, from coast-to-coast, each one improving with applied experience coupled with diligent and gratifying hard work. Along the way, we were blessed and grateful to meet and call many well-known providers Toastmistress and friend.

Initially, my main objective was to join and connect providers and demonstrate that we can work together; we can be friends and share our lives. It’s not a competition; we’re all the same as much as we are different. The more we unite, the stronger we are, the better providers we become and the more success we all share. As Soirée Sisters, we present each event as a way to share this bond and ideal with our participants and reveal the expression of these connections.

Evolution has also preserved my mission to bring together the best of the best. The best doesn’t necessarily mean a particular appearance, body type, height, age or review score. It’s a combination of brains, talent, experience, personality and diversity. It’s also about connection, attitude, positivity and LOVE; genuine love of self, love of others and love of purpose. Above all else, these things make you the best.

As we approach 2017, this project, my baby, has come from infancy to full grown. Along the way, Tasha and I have nurtured, struggled and loved it despite its flaws. We never gave up and it has survived and thrived beyond anyone’s early expectations. We’ve undergone changes and new life has sprung forth from this metamorphosis. Friendship has been gained, bonds renewed, support earned and goals revitalized. Soirée is headed into a bright future and expanding. As we grow, our cast will continue to change but the spirit of the founders will always remain. Never can those early ideals and inspirations be forgotten. With each and every person and experience, Toastmistress and participant alike, Soirée has matured to become what it is today. In the process, so have I. Thank you all for your contributions, blessings and lessons.

Viva Sisterhood! Viva Soirée!
Lorelei Leigh

Look for A Soirée Story, La Vie Soirée and a special announcement coming Tuesday, September 13, 2016

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SINPROV – NYC Encore Exposé

March 30, 2015

It began like any other day in New York City in March. The weather was unseasonably cold for spring but what was about to happen inside would more than make up for the frigid temperatures outdoors.

After a last minute venue fiasco, we were able to secure a hip and expansive classic New York City penthouse loft ideal for groups with lots of room and even more play space. The evening began as we at Soirée always do with a photo shoot with our lovely Toastmistresses in attendance. There was no shortness on star-power at this event. Our official photographer, Tasha Erotics was there to capture this all-star group in their purple themed lingerie followed by their glorious full-length gowns.

One by one the Toastmistresses arrived and changed into their sexy wear ready for their camera moment. We had Lorelei Leigh and Vicki 34F all ready to go when the other ladies arrived. Joining them were Heather D’Angelo, Shayla “Kiwigirl” and Sitara Devi. Heather’s real-life sister and Soirée virgin, Jessica Knightly came all the way from Houston, TX to add some southern flair.

Penthouse centerfold and cover model, Desire Drea joined us for her first tour in New York City. All-time favorite Curvy Coed Carly plus newcomer Sara Charles were in attendance to heat things up as well. Rounding out our cast were two Miss TER’s; Nikki Irish, Miss TER May 2014 and none other than Larissa Pearla, Miss TER February 2015. With this group of stunners, it was certain to be a night to remember.

The participants began to arrive promptly at 7:00 p.m. and the next hour was spent greeting our lovely Toastmistresses while enjoying cocktails served by our Soirée bartender, the enchanting Charlie ReDD. Once all of our gents were properly cleansed and changed into their official Soirée bathrobes, the fun began… the rest is just between us!

For a much more detailed recanting of the night’s events, please visit The Erotic Review, ID #247491.


Vicki 34F | New York City

Vicki 34F

Vicki 34F is one of the original Soiree Sisters and a member of Team SCS. She will be one of the 12 featured Toastmistresses at our upcoming encore performance of Sin City Soirée presents SINPROV, March 19, 2015. She is also a native New Yorker who loves her work and knows how bring the fun up a notch. She’s been an integral part of Soirée since its inception and has now joined with Mature Bobbi, Lorelei Leigh and Sin City Soirée to host the biggest and best NYC M&G event the city has seen in years. She is a NYC Top 100 provider on The Erotic Review, a Gina’s Little Secret original and regularly featured on The Eros Guide.

How long have you been a provider and what makes you one of the best?

I have been a provider in NYC since early 2009. I think what makes me one of the best providers is my attitude, demeanor and the way I treat and respect people. I am also a firm believer in treating people the way I wish to be treated myself. I have had a very industrious corporate career prior and I have applied my previous business acumen into my work as a provider. I am a professional in every sense of the word. I especially pay attention to detail and more importantly, I have learned to read people by their actions and body language which in terms helps me to create the overall environment, experience and the Perfect Date for You.

What is it you love about New York City and what makes it the perfect venue for this M&G?

That is almost an unfair question, as I am a true native New Yorker so I have grown up knowing the energy and skyline of this amazing city. For me, no contest NYC is home and although I have traveled to many exotic and foreign lands I always love to come home. I also have one of the most beautiful views out my window so every night I get to look out at my beloved NYC, take a deep breath and say how lucky I am. NYC has an energy all is own and is a melting pot for over 8 million people living on one island – I have yet to feel this energy anywhere else. There is no better venue than NYC for our one of kind Meet & Greet.

Who is your favorite Toastmistress to play with and why?

I love them all and really looking forward to playing with them at this party but hands down, it would be my BFF, Lorelei Leigh. We met through a mutual client a few years back and it has been love at first sight. When we do doubles we have so much fun and we just love to play together. We love to celebrate birthdays and make it fun and special whatever the occasion is or not. We have done photos together and people will often tell me just from the photos we look very comfortable with each other and it is because we don’t need to act to make it look real. Our personalities work well and we complement each other as you can see from our amazing reviews together, too. But don’t take my word for it...

Why would you recommend SINPROV or another Sin City Soirée event?

Absolutely, Sin City Soirée or SINPROV is an exciting and one-of-a-kind event. It is a sexual bucket list item for sure, this event is first class and is such a high energy level you really need to bring your A-game. We are called professionals for a reason. Doesn’t matter if you are shy and not your thing or have done your share of duos this is a once in a lifetime experience for most. The opportunity to recharge with other like-minded gentleman and a lineup of some of the most amazing and talented women under one roof is enough to create such a recipe for the perfect group event. It always makes me smile once we start, the clothes come off and see all of the inhibitions disappear as the fun begins. With the variety of ladies and their various talents and skills it is a night of pure debauchery and anything goes. Where else can you try and cross off 12 elite ladies from across the US on your to do list in one evening? These ladies know how to play hard and play very well together.

Tell me an exciting Soirée story.

Best story, that is a good one because there are a few. We actually have a very well documented review from our maiden party in Las Vegas. It was one of those moments where everyone stopped what they were doing to come out and watch. HINT: READ THE REVIEW. All I can say is he was a very happy man who loved big breasts... for more of this story visit our reviews at The Erotic Review ID# 247491.

TS Rachel Smithe | Chicago

TS Rachel Smithe

It’s our first time in the Windy City and we thought it best to kick off our event this week by interviewing a beautiful, intelligent and fascinating local. TS Rachel Smithe is a Chicagoland legend and we at Soirée are lucky to include her as one of ours. She has many fans worldwide and it’s for good reason. Her reputation for integrity and personal connection are respected and revered. She is an inspiration and an example to us all. She is a TER Top Lister, Ranked #2 in Chicago and #25 Nationwide. She’ll be joining the stellar cast of Soirée All-Stars this Thursday, June 25, 2015 at Chicago’s first – Second City Soirée.

How long have you been a provider and what makes you one of the best?

“One of the best?” Wow … I am humbled by that statement, but in my 8 years in this industry, I have never thought of myself that way. I am just flattered when a gentleman decides to spend time with me and I always promise to myself, to give him a memorable time that will go well beyond his expectations. I also look at my reputation and my reviews as a challenge to reinvent myself in a new rendezvous, to be more that any preconceived notion someone meeting me for the first time might have. Also I love intimacy, establishing long term relationships and never take for granted that the choice is ultimately the gentleman’s whom he decides to spend time. I am so blessed to have many of my lovers from when I first started with the agency.

What is it you love about Chicago and what makes it the perfect venue for Second City Soirée?

Chicago is a large, metropolitan city, a major business hub and it is so diverse with culture, architecture, cuisines and the arts. I suffer through the long winters here, so I can take full advantage of all the city has to offer during the beautiful, but short spring & summer months. It also doesn’t hurt that I am a global companion and spend many of the brutal weather days in more exotic and milder climate locales. I also definitely feel the “small town” vibe and neighborly attitude of many of Chicago’s residents are also a part of its charm. These things make it all so perfect for Second City Soirée... plus what is sexier than having sensual fun with sexy people from across the nation in a penthouse suite with one of the world’s most gorgeous skylines as their view?

What would you say to someone who has hesitations about experiencing a TS?

Don’t be afraid to open your mind to new and exciting experiences. It’s not like you are buying a house or car, it is only a small investment of your time and if it is not your thing, then move on to what is your true heart’s desire. Most of my lovers had never been with a transsexual woman before, but either through strap on play with a genetic female, or curiosity from the internet or seeing my consistent high ranking as Chicago’s long standing #1 or #2 provider, they wanted to see what they read was true. I not only showed them a lovely time, but also I showed them quality service has no gender and that being with a TS is sharing energy with another human being and not a fetish.

What makes an experience with you different?

Like I mentioned earlier, I love intimacy and establishing relationships. I crave sensuality and it doesn’t matter why type of session I am in, GFE / PSE / BDSM / Elysium® / Bondassage® or even fetish; I want it to be the most passionate and sensual experience of that gentleman’s life. I offer a high level of service and I try to make any rendezvous feel like the gentleman is experiencing a luxury. That is why I wear luxury brands, have wonderful and most time unexpected amenities in my elegant in call and I use my education (and thirst for knowledge) to be able to speak on many subjects during “pillow talk.” I’m currently in my master’s program for Psychology, I love making my lover feel he has a safe place to just be himself and I love being my lover’s confidante. But when it comes to the little things, I also try to surprise my lover with surprises, because I remembered something they mentioned in passing and have it there for them in our next time together. Even asking them about something they said the last time we were together, and showing that you care; actually being a good listener is a sign of a proper courtesan. Don’t we all just want to be heard sometimes?

Tell me something exciting we can look forward to from having you at Soirée.

I just want to help break the ice for anyone who wants to meet and play with a real live flesh & blood TS “in captivity”... HaHa. Seriously though, I just hope to meet some sexy, open minded people and show them that when they meet another good person, share some great energy together, beautiful things can and will happen!

Thank you Rachel, we agree and couldn’t have said it better! Be sure to catch Rachel and all our Second City Soirée Toastmistresses this week in Chicago. If you can’t make this event, catch our calendar of scheduled future events in Las Vegas, New York, New Orleans and Los Angeles. Remember, it’s just between us!

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